Mexican Street Corn Skillet

Freezer Meal Cooking Instructions:

Ground Turkey with roasted corn, colorful bell peppers and onions, black beans, and a plethora of delicious seasonings make this a very versatile dish! Quick preparation and versatile ways to serve this skillet make this dinner a winner in our hearts!


Thaw your freezer meal by setting the package in the fridge the night before you plan to use it or in warm water the day of.

In a large pan over medium-high heat, add 1-2 TBS of olive oil. Once oil is heated add the contents of the bag to your pan and heat through. All of the ingredients are fully cooked and just need to be warmed to before enjoying. Cook on medium heat for approximately 5 minutes until all of the ingredients are hot and ready to eat.

Serve this skillet blend as a base for a taco salad and top with your favorite low calorie or health-conscious dressing (we recommend Bolthouse Farms Greek Yogurt Dressings or Walden Farms Zero Calorie Dressings), fresh lime, avocado, and Queso fresco. Or grill a few tortillas and eat these in taco form… whatever you choose you can’t go wrong!


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