Coca’Cola Sweet Pork

Freezer Meal Cooking Instruction:

Cafe Rio inspired sweet pork in the comfort of your home. It even comes with our house made cilantro lime ranch that will easily be your new favorite ranch of all time. This Pork would be killer as a taco, quesadilla, salad, or burrito! Add Cilantro, lime juice, and chicken bouillon to your rice cooker for a perfect Mexican rice.

To Cook in Instant Pot (recommended): Open bag and dump the contents in your instant pot. Add 1/4 cup water. Secure the lid, set the valve to seal and cook on high pressure for 40-65 minutes. Start with 45 and add more time if pork does not pull apart easily. Every pressure cooker is different. It’s important to get to know your appliances to achieve best cook results. Let the pressure naturally release for 10 minutes and then quick release the remaining pressure. Once completed shred the pork and stir it back in with the sauce.

Optional: Simmer sauce on the saute setting until thickened. If you prefer a thicker sauce add 1 TBS of cornstarch and whisk until fully dissolved. Bring it to desired thickness and turn instant pot off. Serve with meal as desired.

Slow Cooker/Crock Pot: open bag and dump the contents into your crock pot, give everything a good stir to combine. Put the lid on and set to low to cook for 8-9 hours or high to cook for 5-6. Once complete shred the pork and stir it back in with the sauce.



We never plan for anything to go wrong when you are cooking with our meals but we would like to help you should the unexpected happen. If you find anything not to your liking, please consider these tips to ensure success or to customize your meal more to your preferences:

– To thicken sauce: Either in the Instant Pot (in Saute setting) or on the stovetop, bring sauce to a simmer and add 1-2 Tablespoons of cornstarch to mixture and whisk until fully combined and sauce has reached desired thickness. You want it to coat the back of a spoon lightly.

– To thin sauce: Add 1/4 cup of either beef or chicken broth or water and whisk to combine.

– If meat is not as tender as desired/not shredding: cook for additional time. Meat needs moisture and more low and slow temperatures to be successful! Try adding 5-10 minutes more in the Instant Pot, if needed.

*FOOD ALLERGY NOTICE: please be advised that our food may contain trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish or fish.

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